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ACCM (A*STAR Collaborative Commerce Marketplace)

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Introduction on ACCM - a Portal to Assist Local Companies Seize New Business Opportunities

The A*STAR Collaborative Commerce Marketplace (ACCM) is a free online portal for new businesses and partnerships. It is adapted from the successful West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace (WMCCM). ACCM provides a listing of companies in which the companies’ process and skill competencies are profiled and validated. These capabilities are searchable and matched to technology requested by MNCs, government agencies or other local companies. Historical data pertaining to technology competencies requested will also analysed to assist local companies capture new business opportunities, and identify technological development or assistance required to secure new businesses. ACCM also function as a platform to form industry partnership and research collaboration to benefits both MNCs and SMEs.

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A*STAR Collaborative Commerce Marketplace (ACCM) e-portal is the result of an international partnership between Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) and Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), University of Warwick, and aims to create business and collaboration opportunities across local suppliers, MNCs and government agencies. SIMTech has combined its knowledge of industry with the successful concept of the WMG’s West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace and leveraged its source code to develop and adapt this e-commerce portal for local industry use.