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Success Stories

Success Story 1:
Enabling SMEs to enter Aviation Industry Through Collaborative Industry Project

(a) Helped 4 SMEs upgrade knowledge in design, simulation and manufacturing of aviation-standard polymeric components.
(b) Transferred precision moulding technologies to fabricate high performance aircraft interior components.
(c) Guided and trained qualified suppliers of aviation components to SIA.
(d) The SMEs are now able to manufacture and supply aerospace components to the aviation industry.
(e) Help our local companies venture into the high value added sector.
(f) Opening more doors for SMEs to help them build a track record and opening more doors, both in Singapore and Overseas.

Straits Times dated 10 Jan 2016: "Small firms take flight in aerospace industry".

Quote: Mr Leow, managing director of Fong Shen Mould and Precision Engineering. It was part of a consortium of firms which worked with A*Star's Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology to make armrests for SIA Engineering. Fong Shen plans to ramp up its involvement in aerospace, and is looking for more opportunities in countries like the United States.

Quote: Mr Lock, business director of of LNE Holdings. Taking on aerospace projects is a good diversification strategy for the company. Aerospace work contributed 3 per cent of the company's revenue last year, a share it hopes to raise to 15 per cent this year. The company has been working with SIMTech working on cocktail trays for business class seats, as well as economy class armrests. All its project involved plastic injection moulding.

Quote: Mr Yeo, executive director of Maxservo Technology. The company has spray coated plane cabin components as part of SIMTech's aerospace consortium. We managed to secure other aerospace clients in Malaysia and are looking at Thailand as well.

Success Story 2:
Innovative Polymers Pte Ltd through Collaborative Industry Project with SIMTech

(a) Patenting of DeCalon in Singapore & abroad, accredited as a green building product by Singapore Green Building Council (Certificate: SGBP 2016-478).
(b) DeCalon is an eco sustainable approach to resolve scaling, bio-fouling and corrosion issues in condenser of air conditioning system and industrial heat transfer process.
(c) DeCalon is a good scale removal for chiller plant in commercial building, cooling system for production machines and air compressor.
(d) Benefits of DeCalon: more than 50% water & chemical savings, 7% to 20% power savings, higher efficient cooling and greatly reduce chiller compressor shutdown.

Replicating Success Story 3:
Royal Bussan Singapore Pte Ltd and Guoxin Manufacturing are local SMEs with different areas of expertise. Striking a partnership so that they can provide their clients with a wider range of products and services without having to stump up heavy costs of investment in machines or industrial space. They have their own target market and yet can act as one entity. By having leased adjacent factory spaces, the companies save transport costs and time, and customers can see the combined services offered all at the same place. This is one of the kind of collaboration and co-location to grow an integrated advanced manufacturing cluster our ACCM portal would like to replicate.

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A*STAR Collaborative Commerce Marketplace (ACCM) e-portal is the result of an international partnership between Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) and Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), University of Warwick, and aims to create business and collaboration opportunities across local suppliers, MNCs and government agencies. SIMTech has combined its knowledge of industry with the successful concept of the WMG’s West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace and leveraged its source code to develop and adapt this e-commerce portal for local industry use.