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    Industry specific clusters

    An industry cluster offers any company the opportunity to enter into an environment where everyone else has similar interests and needs; this in turn creates the possibility for collaboration as well as educated problem solving. It is thought that the next stage will offer substantial savings to such clusters, since they will be able to trade online (i.e. cutting costs, bulk buying, auctioning products and services).


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    A*STAR Collaborative Commerce Marketplace (ACCM) e-portal is the result of an international partnership between A*STAR and the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), University of Warwick, and aims to create business and collaboration opportunities across local suppliers, MNCs and government agencies. A*STAR has combined its knowledge of industry with the successful concept of the WMGs West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace and leveraged its source code to develop and adapt this web portal for local industry use.

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